Welcome to the website of Techsac Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems
Welcome to the website of Techsac Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems
Welcome to the website of Techsac Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems
Welcome to the website of Techsac Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems
Welcome to the website of Techsac Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems
Welcome to the website of Techsac Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems
Aden, Khor Maksar, Republic of Yemen
009672237880 info@techsac-ye.com

About the institution

  • Techsac Air Conditioning Systems and Contracting Corporation was established in the city of Aden in 2011 AD under its commercial registration No. 10465, profession practice license No. 1780, and its tax registry.

  • Techsac is a leading organization in the air conditioning sector and its various systems design, supply and installation. We work to design and implement works with the latest technologies. We work to study projects and design appropriate systems for each project. We are keen to provide the system in proportion to energy consumption, cooling capacity and loads. sufficient for cooling without wasting energy and money for the customer. We apply the latest technologies and specifications and provide products that meet the aspirations of our customers

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Our ambitions


Managing services according to the latest technologies and systems


Sustainable and strategic relationships with our partners locally and internationally


Contributing to raising the quality of life


Qualification and training of employees


Culture of innovation in the work environment


Our experience

At the Technical Corporation for Air Conditioning Systems - Techsac - we have cadres with extensive experience extending for more than 24 years in the field of air conditioning systems. Many large projects have been implemented at the local and Gulf levels. The best products such as Daikin, Trane, Carrier, Petra, York and LG have been supplied and installed, and due to our extensive experience, The city of Aden was chosen to be the main headquarters and the starting point for all Yemeni regions. Many projects were implemented, and today we are working on designing an air conditioning system for a number of projects.

New feature

Our message

Providing innovative products in the field of air conditioning technology and systems, taking credibility in dealing and quality in work as a priority value in dealing with our customers, supported by a team of workmen.


Our future

We look forward to the latest equipment technologies, quality and specifications, in a way that suits the climate and temperatures in all Yemeni regions. Today, we represent as agents for the best quality and specifications air conditioning devices from the international company Daikin, which has the highest quality and technologies in the world, as we and Daikin are partners in Creating the future for Daikin products in the Yemeni market and developing relationships with the largest number of local distributors and contractors so that our services reach all regions.


Our goals

Our goal is to spread and reach all regions through branches and distributors. We look forward to representing and marketing the highest quality and guaranteed devices. Currently, we carry out a number of contacts and correspondence with major manufacturers around the world.

What distinguishes us

Why Techsac Foundation?

What distinguishes us is our partnerships with distributors and contractors in the main cities of Sana’a, Taiz, Hadramaut, Hodeidah, Abyan, Marib and all other regions, which enhances the availability of our services and the speed of our access to our customers in all governorates of the Republic of Yemen.

  • The air ducts are made of galvanized sheet metal according to American specifications, and are equipped with a flexible connection when connected to the machine to prevent vibrations.

  • The duct is insulated with external insulation, 1 inch thick, density 16 kg and 24 kg, and the boxes are insulated with internal insulation.

  • All connections at the connection point are insulated with American silicon.

  • Air ducts are hung on iron corners to prevent rust.

  • Air conditioning and return air grills are made of aluminum.

  • Installation of thermostat control devices.

  • Copper Freon pipes, American type Mueller, insulated.



We are keen on after-sales service and meeting customer needs. We have employed maintenance technicians and trained some of them so that our services are accessible to everyone.

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Providing periodic maintenance and annual contracts for air conditioning maintenance in residential, commercial and administrative projects

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Spare parts

Providing spare parts for all devices and providing after-sales services

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Implementing air conditioning and extension works for all types of air conditioning systems

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Supplying air conditioning units of all types, VR chillers, package units, concealed split units, JD double

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After-sales service

All warranty and maintenance services provided by us are certified by manufacturing companies, where your device is maintained by professional and certified engineers, and maintenance will be done using original spare parts.

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Providing appropriate designs and standard specifications for the project according to the proposed regulations

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Study projects

Conduct studies for projects to study loads and provide appropriate solutions to choose the type of air conditioning for each project according to its specifications



  • We are currently seeking to coordinate with government agencies to know their future projects and plans

  • We conduct market surveys in various regions

  • Knowing the size of the market as we seek to obtain the largest share in the air conditioning devices market of various types

Contact us

Contact us via messages and you will be answered as soon as possible